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Tianshan International Manufacturing Industrial Park
Project Name: Tianshan International Manufacturing Industrial Park
Project Address:Huaixi Area of Huanghe River Industrial Park in Yuanshi County, Shijiazhuang
Project formats:Industrial Park
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    As the industrial project developed independently by Tianshan Real Estate Development Company, Tianshan international manufacturing industrial park is located in Huaixi Area of Huanghe River Industrial Park in Yuanshi County, Shijiazhuang with the floor area of 508 mu and the building area of over 300,000 square meters. There are 35 enterprises in the Park with total investment of RMB 890 million. Once the Park starts to operate, the annual revenue will be RMB 1 billion with the annual profit and tax of RMB 230 million and there will be 3,000 new job opportunities. 
    I. Three modes of the Park: standard factory, directional development, self-built area. 
    a. The structures of standard factory include single light steel structure and multi-story frame structure with free mesh, free combination and flexible layout; b. Directional development refers to that the Park conducts the planning and design according to the requirements for production technology of the enterprise and the construction will be performed by the enterprise; c. The Park provides field to the self-built part, which is constructed according to the enterprise’s need. 
    II. The Park is formed in June 2010; investment attraction is completed in July; construction is started in August; and it is planned that the Park will be put into production by the end of 2012. 9 enterprises have been already under operation and 18 more are about to finish the construction and put into production. At the same time, construction of supporting facilities of the Park has been finished such as water supply and sewerage, electricity, telecommunications, roads, sports Plaza, landscape ponds and green field. The Park is also equipped with supermarket, restaurant, Internet Café, business hall, which has provided the live entertainment services to the staff. 
    III. Each enterprise of the Park is an independent courtyard, which is convenient for closed-off management. Our company has a professional property company, which may provide the all-round property services such as security, cleaning, greening and maintenance. Meanwhile, the Park also has special service department, providing services and offering help for the sound development of enterprises, such as the processing of formalities, bank loan services, financial advisory services, logistics services, processing of social security and consultation, human resources consultation and services, safety management services, technical support, consultation and services on equipment and raw materials procurement, etc. 
    Tianshan Developing (Holding) Limited (“Tianshan Development”) aims to built the Tianshan international manufacturing industrial park as the first-class and well known industrial park in North China and as the basis of equipment industrial park and the electro-optical information industrial park. Development of similar and supporting industries shall be conducted so as to enlarge the enterprise cluster and make contribution to the regional economic revitalization.