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Weihai Tianshan Waterside Estate
Project Name: Weihai Tianshan Waterside Estate
Project Address:Tianshan Waterside Estate Sales Center, the intersection of Guangzhou Road and Jinshan Road (north of Fuqiang Driving School), Weihai Wendeng Economic Development Zone
Project formats:Villa Foreign-style house high-rise
Project website:Not Available
Sales:For sale
  • The project of Tianshan Waterside Estate is located in the center of Weihai city group, "Blue Capital of Leisure, Livable City of the World", "One of the Top Ten Longevity" . On "Jinshan Mountain", toward the "Galaxy", it occupies a unique treasured land. The total floor space of the first session of 240,000 square meters, including (46) villas and (14) garden houses, (9) 18-story high-rises, with a bilingual kindergarten, a large-scale comprehensive shopping mall of 50,000 square meters, a 300-meter-long special shopping street and senior clubs in the community. Introducing the international leading Spain European style design into the community landscape plan, full building Weihai Wendeng Chief Spain -Style Aristocratic Community. 

    1. Location advantage: 
    The project is located in the central area of Blue Economic Zone of Shandong peninsula, with 8 cities, such as Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai in half-day work circle. Tianshan Waterside Estate is in the center of Wendeng Economic Development Zone, the heart of future urban development, with convenient transportation and huge potential for appreciation. 
    2. Planning advantage: 
    Scientific and reasonable layout and design, overall design combines international landscape architecture masters effort of Australia Peddle Thorp Construction Design Company and Bell Collins, forming the authenticity of the Spain style residential communities jointly. 
    3. Product advantage: 
    Weihai Wendeng Chief compound complex is the collection of villas, houses, high-rises, large business centers. It is the perfect presentation of "two points and one line" commercial layout, combined with natural landscape----40 acres of parks private Green Sea, with Galaxy stream artificial lake lingering amid, which is unsurpassed. 
    4. Type benefits: 
    Unique types, reasonable layout, practical, he main house type of 116-136 square meters, each types have super high rates of usable dwelling land. Private vestibule and backyard, surrounded with observation deck, convex windows, air terrace as gracious gifts, perfect presenting top-style life of Weihai. 
    5. Business and life supporting: 
    Project planning has a commercial center of 50,000 square meters, is a collection of sports, shopping, dining and entertainment, large supermarkets, well-known commercial brands, KTV, Sauna Center, catering and other projects  will be introduced in, which will become a landmark commercial projects in the region. 
    6. Intelligent and Green environment protection: 
    The community is green high-tech ecological housing, introducing intelligent concepts, six major high-tech intelligent systems: fresh air systems, solar systems, protective shutter systems, central vacuum systems, drinking water systems, lights, and double-switch, far beyond Weihai Wendeng . 
    Living here, you own not only nature, but the  hard-to-find grace of life; you enjoy not only space, but coziness of living with family together. Real and leisurely life is destined only to a very small number of people.