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Tianshan Waterside View in Yuanshi County
Project Name: Tianshan Waterside View in Yuanshi County
Project Address:Opposite No. 1 Middle School on Changshan Road in Yuanshi County
Project formats:Slab-type multi-storey building
Project website:Not Available
Sales:New building
  • Tianshan Waterside View in Yuanshi County was developed by Tianshan Real Estate through investment and is located in the new town of Yuanshi County. The Project is close to Xihuan Road, reaches the planned Guangming Road to the south, and is adjacent to Changshan Road to the north. It covers an area of 430 mu, and the total floor space is 800,000 square meters; it is currently one of the big buildings in Yuanshi County.  

    The world's top landscape design company Belt Collins was hired to design the landscape of the Tianshan Waterside View project, and the entire landscape design was carried out by taking "urban forest" as the theme!  The triple landscape is well-arranged, allowing you to enjoy different landscape at every step.  The landscape design in the whole community cost ten million, and the expenses of construction exceeded 50 million, equivalent to the investment value of several small projects in Yuanshi County.  

    The Project is located in the central area of the northwestern new town of the County where priority is given to the development according to the plan; Waterside View is the CLD - central living district of the new town.  All the administrative units are concentrated along Changshan Road in Yuanshi County, and the Project is adjacent to No. 1 Middle School, a key model school of Yuanshi County.  

    The surrounding supporting facilities are as follows:  

    Shopping malls: Supermarket 365, Pearl Plaza, Hexingyuan Supermarket and other large supporting facilities for life.  
    School: No. 1 Middle School of Yuanshi County.  
    Post office: postal savings.  
    Banks: Industrial and Commercial Bank, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank.  
    Farmers' market: a large farmers' market (under planning).  
    Hospital: Shuanghui Hospital.