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Weihai  · Tianshan Waterside View
Project Name: Weihai · Tianshan Waterside View
Project Address:West of Interchange of Wenshan East Road and Hushan Road in Wenshan Wendeng Development Zone (opposite the new sports centre 50 m)
Project formats:Board building, Tower, plate column combination, multiplayer, the small high-rise
Sales:For sale
  • Project consists of villas, houses, original market surrounded by high-rises. It combines Haozhangsi international architecture, famous landscape designers, creating sophisticated modern style houses. Total more than 900 acres, an area of 1.37 million square meters, and rolling development, after development has been completed, it can accommodate a total of about 9,000 homes, about 30,000 people. Overall project floor area ratio of 2.5, a plot ratio of 1.8, greening rate of 45%, the building density is lower than 18%, "low density and high green" shows eco-livable features of Tianshan Waterside View. 


    The first period covering 120 acres, total construction area of 143,748 square meters, and primary property type is high-level and foreign-style houses, including 7 buildings, 19 lift houses. High-rise shows modern style, light-colored building, dark brown bottom, coupled with exterior styling changes, more layered and textured than normal slabs. Elevator Garden House with layers, triangular roof, transparent balcony and columns, with a wide range of virtual and actual comparison and soft color sequence, simple materials match, a perfect blending of ecology, culture, architecture, the perfect combination. Facade of our products you see has experienced rich change, which has a great relationship with type design. The type continues the style of Tianshan real estate with big width, small depth, houses in the north-south direction to get good ventilation and lighting; indoor clear design of kitchen and toilet, in line with the living habits of the local population. Most importantly our products have high added value, the design of landscape terrace, terrace, flower racks, home gardens, bay windows, life balcony not only enhances the comfort of living, also allows for the unexpected gift area. Within the community a number of intelligent design, 24 hours security patrol, allowing you to enjoy contemporary life spirit in the region of traditional culture.