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Tianshan Longxi
Project Name: Tianshan Longxi
Project Address:1000 metres east of Jinqi Road and Shentang Road
Project formats:Semi-detached villa, townhouse, cascade
  • The project is located 1000 metres east of Jinqi Road and Shentang Road, on the central city location, north from Bijia Street, extending to Leigang Road in the South, close to Tianshan Road in the west, with Dongma Road in the east. The project covers an area of about 200,000 square meters, total construction area of about 310,000 square meters, the volume only 1.38 per cent (volume of only 0.9 per cent of the Villa), greening rate is as high as 35%. It is comprehensively positioned as a low density, low volume, high greening rate of complex ecological market, products are composed of semi-detached villa, townhouse, cascade, divided into two phases. Overall layout and design ideas of the project is surrounding building, with high-rise as walls of the villa area in order to fully guarantee the privacy of the central villa area to create a "high walls and deep yard" effect. Using the u-shaped distribution, to guarantee that from all kinds of products, people can see Tianshan meter cubic, and 900 acres of wetland landscape park. 


    The traffic is very convenient, in the west, by Jinqi Road, Jin-Hong Kong highway and Jin-Hong Kong Road, you can reach the port within 15 minutes, and Daguang in 30 minutes; in the north, Tianjin Road, Changshen Highway(formerly Tang-Jin Expressway), Rong-wu Expressway lead to the airport, Beijing, Tangshan and other places. Public transport: route 652, 208, 152 and many other bus lines reach port and urban areas, Route 152 from meter cubic as a starting point to terminate at Tucheng; in future urban planning No. 1 subway line extension (Xianshuigu) and C2 (to Xiaozhan). 
    The perfect living facilities around the project has unique advantages in Jinnan Villa projects. East of Community, Wumei Jinnan flagship store (July 15, has been formally signed), and 100,000 square meter cubic Golden Street, 150,000 square meters of Xiaozhan Old Street, forming the most valuable commercial systems; around the project are CRV, KFC, Suning appliance, to facilitate your daily life. 
    Education supporting, surrounded by Xiaozhan No.1 Middle School, Xiaozhan No.1 Primary School, Xiaozhan Experimental Primary School, Xiaozhan No.3 Primary School, Xiaozhan No.4 Kindergarten Tianshan Group is contacting with other elite schools actively and strives to make children of our owners to enjoy a better quality of education supporting. 
    Medical facilities: in the region there is a comprehensive hospital, Xiaozhan Hospital within only 5 minutes’ walk. 
    In terms of financial supporting, at a range of 500 m there are Agricultural Bank of China, Agriculture and Commercial Bank, Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial bank, and other financial institutions, the nearest Post Office is on the southern Fuying Road and Gewan lines. 
    In addition to the above supporting, the project has three other unique highlights: 
    First: in the West of the community is the world's largest indoor water park---Meter Cubic of the Tianshan, its overall quality is higher than Japanese Sumerland and Korean Samsung paradise. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the municipal Party Committee Zhang Gaoli, Mayor Huang Xingguo have attached great importance to the project, and visited the scene to guide the work for many times. Meter Cubic, the Jinnan business card, is listed as one of the 2012 Tianjin 20 key projects of government support, and identified as national 5 A-class tourist scenic spot, for the expected trial operation by the end of this year. After opening, tens of thousands of people are expected in daily passenger flow peak, which will bring around commercial values, leading to the project future appreciation! 
    Second: West of the project, the five-star Sheraton Hotel, Sheraton now has more than 700 branches in more than 80 countries in the world, the choice of Xiaozhan is also according to the value potential of this region. With Meter Cubic, it will make Xiaozhan new landmark in high-end consumption! 
    Third: from west gate out of the community is 600,000 square meters of the Wetland Park--Diamond Park, with greening rate at 70%! Called Xiaozhan Green Heart, it is the best choice for owners to have a leisure walk after meals, and the good ecological environment certainly is good for body and health of children and old people. 
    The architectural style of Longxi community is the internationally popular United States Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie wind style. Wright is recognized as one of the greatest architects in the world (representatives: Guggenheim Museum, Water Villa), he believed that the best construction is the perfect combination of organic architecture and  natural features, so Wright's Prairie wind stresses the natural ecological space, maintaining materials in color; 
    Canada Dido is invited for joint design of the community landscape (Didon often works for landscape design of Vanke, Longhu and Xinghe bay and other high-end projects). The whole community is formed "a ring, a axis and three belts" of tall green plants, and intensive flowers and rivers; surrounded by tree-lined avenue of plagued birches and Mongolia oaks, which forms "a ring"; in the west-east direction, the central garden landscape axis is "a axis"; in the north-south direction, the winding water with springs, stacks water, water platform and close planting forest, and flowers and green belt on both sides form “three belts” together. Undulating slopes, unique landscape, matching the different trees, shrubs and flowers, to create a livable community with green for the whole year and flowers for three seasons. 
    Longxi community is unique on the selection of tree species, a total of nearly 30 kinds of precious varieties of trees and flowers. including beautiful birch forest from Changbaishan; special country Huai from Shandong, with the meaning of luck; eight edges Begonia widely plantedin Zhongnanhai, and beloved by Premier Zhou couples; precious species Acer truncatum from Chengde, a symbol of wealth; plagued Mongolia oak from Inner Mongolia, enabling you to enjoy garden beauty also in winter; precious species sumac from Beijing Xiangshan, the important ornamental leaves species in China. 
    Community planning: the minimum building spacing between each villa is above 12 meters to fully guarantee every household lighting and sunlight; and the distance between buildings is above 8 meters, increasing green area to the maximum extent; 
    From products quality: all Villa are of three stories, in townhouses, semi-detached product area, we build a platform design, about 2 m higher than horizon, which has a better visual effect; as for parking, we use library eye parking, guarantee parking spaces proportion does not below 1:1.5, fully showing superiority of high-end Villa; Villa outside vertical surface all using dry hanging stone, above 1 time higher than general posted tablets stone in cost; outside vertical surface stone seams does not surpass 3 mm, and industry standard 8 mm; Roof using Lafarge tile surface, the producer is world top 500 brand, Vanke Lam Court 7 million goods value of high-end Villa also uses the same surface; image door of the community main entry uses high quality metal material, 41 m long, and 21 m high, showing the magnificent project; the above is rare in Tianjin   Villa projects, so the project future appreciation space will be upgraded. 
    In community intelligence, infrared alarm system , the indoor main function emergency call system , electronic patrol system of the entire community , video intercom system provide convenience and security assurances for owners. 
    In one word, the project, a integration of global first-class resources, builds Tianjin Villa representative, relies on around supporting advantage, with Tianshan meter cubic as Center, and brings together Gold Street, and ancient street, and troop training Park, and Wetland Park, and Wumei flagship shop, and Sheraton Hotel, constitutes a new city ecological integrated body  of leisure entertainment, sightseeing tourism, catering shopping, which is a perfect presentation of the livable life philosophy of “city within park”.