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Tianshan· Mission Hill Villa
Project Name: Tianshan· Mission Hill Villa
Project Address:Within International Tourism Holiday Resort of Panlong Lake
Project formats:Detached villa, semidetached villa, townhouse, cascade
Project website:Not Available
Sales:For sale
  • 1. Project name:  
    Tianshan • Mission Hill Villa, is planned to be a large boutique villa community, with Spanish architectural style, including detached lake-view villa, mellow semidetached villa, slope townhouse and limited cascade townhouse. 

    2. Location of Project 
    Tianshan • Mission Hill Villa is located in the scenic spot of Panlong Lake with pleasant scenery in Yuanshi County 22km southwest of Shijiazhuang, across the south and north scenic spots of Panlong Lake. 
    3. Contact Information: 
    Urban: Tianshan Longhu World Reception Center at the Bottom Business of Dashimen, Intersection of Jianhua Avenue and Donggang Road 
    Site at Panlong Lake: Within International Tourism Holiday Resort of Panlong Lake 
    Reception hotline: 85127778 
    4. Driving Routes: 
    Highway route: turn to Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Highway at the Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Highway exit of Beijing-Shenzhen Highway, leave from Luquan exit and drive along Huotong Road, Zhuangyuan Road to get to the scenic spot. 
    National highway route: drive along National Highway 107 into Jingyuan Road in Yuanshi County, turn northwest to Zhuangyuan Road, then drive south to get to the scenic spot. 
    Driving route from downtown of Shijiazhuang: 1) drive from Nan’erhuan West Road of Shijiazhuang to Shitong Road, then turn to Zhuangyuan Road and drive south to get to the scenic spot.  
    Drive south from Hongqi Avenue to Nancheng Village, then drive west along the road to get to the scenic spot; or turn west at the intersection of Hongqi South Avenue and Jingyuan Road to Zhuangyuan Road, then drive south along Zhuangyuan Road to get to the scenic spot. 
    5. Architectural Design 
    Australia Peddle Thorp Melbourne Architectural Design Co., Ltd.  
    6. Landscape Design Unit 
    United States Belt Collins (International)—Hong Kong Company 
    7. Builder 
    Hebei Tianshan Industrial Group Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
    8. Supervision Unit 
    Shijiazhuang Oriental Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd., with Grade A qualification