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Tianshan Tianxi
Project Name: Tianshan Tianxi
Project Address:No. 20, Cuiqiao Road, Shuangqiao District, Chengde City
Project formats:Villa
Sales:For sale
  • Tianshan • Tianxi is located at Cuiqiao Road south extended from Nanyingzi Avenue, the main road of downtown of Chengde City.  Many traffic trunk roads run through it. It is about 1500m away from the downtown square and about 2000m away from Mountain Summer Resort. In the community, you can enjoy the landscape and terrace environment advantages. It is designed by famous Australia Peddle Thorp. The garden landscape is designed by world famous United States Belt Collins. 

    Tianshan • Tianxi leads the luxury of high-end residence in Chengde with 53 Spanish royal terrace villas. The inherent central position and inward quality make Tianshan • Tianxi a scarce product in the city that cannot be copied. It becomes the symbol of luxurious life and irreplaceable villa collection. 

    ◆Central Position◆
    It is located at the center and equals world famous luxurious real estate. Looking around famous cities of the world, only a few villas can occupy central position of the city. 
    Tianshan • Tianxi is located at Cuiqiao Road south extended from Nanyingzi Avenue in flourishing central business area of Chengde City. The unique land section symbolizes the scarcity that cannot be copied and the urban value equalling the luxurious real estate of the world. 
    When executing the urban “Center Relieving” strategic planning of Chengde Municipal Government, Tianshan • Tianxi is the only low-density high-end construction project persisted in the downtown. The 53 Spanish royal terrace villas of the project are precious. The surrounding traffic network is accessible from all directions. The supporting facilities are complete. It is very convenient and rapid to drive around. 
    ◆Abundant Supporting Facilities◆
    Luxurious city supporting facilities make you stand high and hold the world, and what else honours can make people look up to? Tianshan • Tianxi adjoins Nanyingzi Avenue at No. 1 land section of Chengde. The city-level life supporting facilities will bring you extremely convenient life enjoyment.  
    Commerce: The first experiential commercial pedestrian street of Chengde in the community—Tianshan • Mong Kok is the commercial complex of 50,000 square meters in the center of the city. It is a one-stop experiential pedestrian street for consumption, a coalition of catering, entertainment, leisure, shopping, hotels and community supporting facilities. The famous Beijing Blue Island enters the anchor store, creating the largest supermarket of nearly ten thousand square meters in Chengde, leading the brand and fashion trend of Chengde City; city supporting facilities around include: Shuangbai Shopping Center, Yongxing Mansion, Chengde Shopping Mall, Chengde Blue Island Mansion, Jiajia Shopping Plaza, Dehui Mansion, Jiajia Supermarket, etc.  
    Education: abundant education resources such as Kindergarten of Chengde Petroleum College, Kindergarten of Chengde City Transportation Bureau, Cuiqiao Primary School, Experimental Primary School, Chengde City No. 1 Middle School, Affiliated Middle School of Chengde Minzu Normal College, No. 9 Middle School, Chengde No. 2 Middle School, etc. 
    Catering: There are Tianbao Holiday Hotel, Xinqianlong Hotel, Shenghua Hotel, Qiucuilou, KFC, Dongpo Hot Pot City, Ala Hotel, Tianyuanhui Barbecue, Chongqing Fragrant Griddle Cooked Spicy Duck Head, etc. around. You will meet prosperity once you go out. 
    Leisure: Classic KTV, Dijingsi Kala, Qianku KTV, Yongxing Bowling Alley, 0314 Billiards, Slow Club, Minghao Private Club, etc.. There are more choices for life entertainment. 
    Finance: Bank of China, Xinhua Road Sub-branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Cuiqiao Sub-branch, China Construction Bank, Chengde Branch, Business Department, Agricultural Bank of China, Xinhua Road Financial Supermarket, Postal Savings, etc. will provide businesspersons with convenience to gather wealth.  
    Medical care: It is a five-minute walk to get to the largest general hospital of Chengde—Chengde Affiliated Hospital. 
    Sports: The project is opposite to Chengde Stadium, which is opened to the public all year round. Free entry and exit are allowed in the morning every day. You can strengthen physical exercise and keep fit. 
    ◆Architectural Style◆
    Spanish royal terrace villas designed by Australia Peddle Thorp. 
    Tianshan • Tianxi has typical style of Spanish royal villa, with the essence of bright and happy residential concept. In the expression of architectural form, it uses materials with good quality and exquisite construction technology to show the super high requirements of royal celebrities to the living quality. 
    With strong exotic style, Tianshan • Tianxi perfectly continues the feature of “non-purity” in Spanish architecture, adhering to the faith of being simple, capturing the light, drawing from the nature, and using the color and image boldly and freely.  The villa looks more mysterious, unpretentious, calm and profound. 
    ◆Garden Planning◆
    Designed by United States Belt Collins 
    The footpath and lane system of Tianshan • Tianxi adopts humanized design. Considering the sloping land, it lengthens the route as much as possible to reduce the road grade and to ensure traffic safety. The footpath adopts automatic vertical transportation system with a combination of waterscape, which makes the people closer to the waterscape and road landscape more interesting. 
    Belt Collins takes advantages of the terrace and builds the project at the foot of the hill, setting greening landscape area along the landscape dam, which provides an open ecological environment for the proprietors to relax. And it brings the water into the garden to form the excellent geomancy advantage of “fronting water and with hills on the back, water gathering wealth”. 
    ◆European Royal Terrace Architecture◆
    The royal terrace villa dated from European nobles is used to be built high according to the natural topography, which provides the nobles with broad view and landscape. It directly expresses the superior identity and position of celebrities and nobles in the construction thought. No matter the “Villa on the Hill” in Beijing, or the “Sheshan Hill Golf Villa” in Shanghai, the villas built high on the hills are always the symbol of noble status of men of wealth. 
    53 Spanish royal villas of Tianshan • Tianxi stand high when they are built. They are located at the highest terrace of the whole project, about 40m higher than Cuiqiao Road and about 18m higher than the terrace of the next level. It is built in the peak to overlook everything, called the king of land kings in central area of the city. 
    ◆Noble Club◆
    Exclusive club with leisure and entertainment near at hand. 
    In the community, exclusive club is set, combining with the height difference of 18m. The club has one floor aboveground and three floors underground. Sunken garden is set indoor, with entertainment facilities such as fitness reserved. Humanized straight staircase will take the proprietors directly from the 3rd floor underground to the ground floor. It is convenient and rapid to go out. Top luxurious super club becomes the best place for your entertainment and social contact. You can have a casual talk which has nothing to do with money but taste. 
    ◆Townhouse & Semidetached Villa, with broad space to show open-mind◆
    Chengde Tianshan • Tianxi launches 53 villa products, including 358m2-407m2 townhouse (six bedrooms, three living rooms, one kitchen and five bathrooms), 481m2 semidetached villa (eight bedrooms, four living rooms, one kitchen and eight bathrooms), all with private courtyard; north-south transparent and with terrace; there are cantilevered rooms (height of which is two floors or more) to show the distinguished identity of the master; Nancy room and multi-functional entertainment hall are designed on the lower spring layer to meet the comprehensive needs of the proprietors; space for private elevator installation is available for the installation of private elevator to make life and travel more convenient and rapid.