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Project Name: Tianshan International Tengfei Base
Tel:Yue Yonghui 18903143817; Kong Debao 18622053962
Project Address:Xiaozhan Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin City
Project formats:Industrial Park
Project website:Not Available
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    Tianshan International Tengfei Base is an intelligent low-carbon ecological modern industrial park organized by Xiaozhan Town Government, Jinnan District, invested by Tianshan Development (Holding) Ltd. and constructed by Tianshan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.  
    Tianshan International Tengfei Base is situated at the central position of Bohai Economic Rim and Binhai New District – Xiaozhan Town, Jinnan Industrial New District. It is the model industrial park recognized by Tianjin People’s Government.  Xiaozhan Town is emerged for water, rose from wars and gets famous for rice. It has rich historical accumulation and unique humanistic background.  
    It has convenient transportation conditions by neighboring to Jinqi Road, Tianjin-Hong Kong Express and Jingang Road, and it is 20km to down town area, 22km to Tianjin Port, 20km to Binhai International Airport.  
    The overall planned area of the park is 1500mu, and the main line inside the park is 30m wide, while the branch roads are in 24m width.  It will become a modern industries soaring base with international construction standard and human-based management service after it is completed.  It will realize an industrial chain with headquarters economy as the lead, industrial R&D production as the carrier and overall improvement of Jinnan District and Binhai New District.  
    The park is mainly directed for attracting such advanced manufacturing enterprises as international and domestic micro-electronics and opto-electronics industries.  The enterprises settled in the park can not only enjoy related supporting policies of the nation and Tianjin City, but will also enjoy the rewards by the park on the enterprises with high tax payment every year, and financial support for the enterprises with high scientific and technological content.  Meanwhile, the high-end, high quality and high-tech projects will enjoy more preferential supporting policies.  
    The Base will attract over 100 advanced manufacturing enterprises after its completion. It will cover a total area of 1.5 million square meters with annual production value of 1.5 billion yuan, realizing taxation income of 300 million yuan/year and providing no less than 10,000 jobs.   The Base is dedicated to build platform suitable for the development of enterprises, to connect the world, so as to enable the enterprises to truly focus on production and development to realize soaring in the industry.