By Chairman of the Board

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  • Every step left its print during 30 years,
    giving birth to a new Tianshan
  • Under the leadership and care of the Chinese Communist Party and the Government, and with the strong support from all circles of society, we have successfully gone through the hard times together. I have a mixture of feelings as I recall the course of development of Tianshan. Tianshan has always persevered in taking its own path of development, and made unremitting efforts to strive forward with forestalling spirit and down-to-Earth working style by going through numerous challenges and hardships.
  • Over the years, we have followed the corporate spirit of "taking honesty as the cornerstone and quality of our lives, winning customers by good quality, and manufacturing premium products through innovation", and continued to make efforts to excel.. In the face of rapid changing society; fierce market competition; fast urbanization; and international challenges, Tianshan will keep developing through innovation and making progress through reforms.
  • I firmly believe that the development of our Tianshan will gradually become more solid and stronger!