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The Grand Holding of the 4th Tianshan Group Owners' Sport Meeting

        On the morning of April 4th,the 5th Owner Sports Meet held by Tianshan Group with the theme of “China Dream, Tianshan Dream” took place in the stadium of Shi Jiangzhuang College.Han Baozhen, the former deputy director of Provincial NPC Standing Committee and the former Chairman of the Association of Industry and Commerce of Hebei and Song Xiaoying, the deputy minister of the Provincial United Front Work Department, the secretary of Party Committee of the Association of Industry and Commerce and dozens of provincial leaders attended the grand meeting. More than 7000 owners from 29 communities got together to celebrate the sports event.


        With the cheerful and dynamic music, the march-in ceremony of 29 representative teams was quite excellent and creative, which showed the distinguished feature of each community and also expressed the prosperity scene of love and harmony between neighbors and families.  With the admission of players and judges, the great artistic performance began. The performance, based on the theme of “Bright Tianshan, Dreaming China”, had four chapters of “seeking dream”,“pursuing dream”, “building dream”、“realizing dream”.Every community gave an amazing march-in performance according to their own characteristics. The accurate walking and professional action attracted the audience deeply. And the great team performance by the representative team won the thundering applause with its close cooperation.

        Besides the traditional competition tasks, what deserves to be mentioned the most were various interesting activities for family team and children,such as Closer Hearts, Riding Caterpillar and the Race between the Hare and the Tortoise.All these were sure to leave a deep impression on parents and children.

        Although the Fifth Owner Sports Meet of Tianshan Group was closed, it left a deep and lasting impression on everyone. People firmly believe that the atmosphere will be deepened with the increasing consciousness of national fitness in Tianshan Group. This young and vigorous city will have a bright future due to its main consciousness of health, nature and positiveness.