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The Grand Holding of the 4th Tianshan Group Owners' Sport Meeting

        On May 20th in 2012, the Fourth Owner Sports Meeting of Hebei Tianshan Group took place in the south campus of Shi Jiazhuang College.At 8 AM, colorful flags waved on the playground and the crowd was the largest.14 salutes in front of the stadium platform were well equipped, which brought a joyous air to the event.Over 4000 owners from 21 communities of Tianshan Group attended this event, which was unprecedented grand and spectacular.

        At 8:8 AM, the opening ceremony of the meeting started officially.In the opening ceremony,Chairman of the Board Mr. Wu Zhenshan delivered a gracious speech of welcome.Mr Liu Kun, the deputy director of the municipal bureau of sports sent warm greetings. And then the beatings of the gongs and drums and whistling resounded to the sky.

        Two dragons are vividly dancing into the sports field from the different directions;400 children in costumes of red and yellow, burst into the central meeting place from all sides with the colorful balloons and bouquets in their hands. They are flying balloons, waving flowers,Like a spring flood surging! The atmosphere gradually comes to a climax with the lively and vivid performances, which suggests great ambition and the enterprising spirit of pioneering courage of Tianshan people as well as the new brilliance created by Tianshan Group!

        It is reported that there are three kinds of activities--Ball Games,Athletics Events and Fun Games, including 24 competition items with about 770 players.Numerous communities, such as Tianshan Garden,Tianshan Industrial Park and so forth, send out their strongest teams and these 25 teams take turns to PK.During the sports meeting, owners and rooters members shuttle back and forth in the playground, like celebrating a festival. Some players participate in a number of items, and even some whole families take part in it. With cheers and laughter, the atmosphere on the spot is hot and harmonious. This sports meeting not only displays people’s love to life, care to health and spirit of pursuing the extreme limit of themselves, but also provides a stage for the enterprise and owners to communicate as well as enjoy the passion and wonderful moments in competition.

        With the principle of “Tianshan, home to eternal happiness ”, this sports meeting caters for the need of the young who desire to relax in spare time and that of the old who long for family reunion. Furthermore,it puts forward the theme of “The advocacy of national fitness and the construction of harmonious society”in response to the government’s call of “Harmonious Society, Harmonious Community”,which aims to mobilize all families to attend fitness .

        Innovative concept is the source leading the rapid development of enterprises, living is a fundamental condition and sports is the guarantee of health.Tianshan Group introduces sports into the communities and calls on owners’participation, perfectly integrating sports, culture, education and others aspects. In fact, what Tianshan Group brings up is not simply a kind of product but a way of lifestyle.Wu Zhenshan, the chairman of Tianshan Group, ever said: “We will take advantage of this opportunity to build harmonious and healthy relationship between enterprise and owners, employers and owners as well as owners and owners”,which illustrates the essence of enterprise culture of Tianshan Group. This sports meeting enhances the owners and employers’ passion to take part in fitness,provides a stage for enterprise and owners to communicate and vividly explains the enterprise’s cultural concept.